Koukei Tsuruya

2022.12.10[New Release] Banzai-Ukiyoe San-en / Kitagawa Utamaro

We are delighted to announce the release of the first piece from a new series “Banzai-Ukiyoe San-en.”
The artist depicted here is Kitagawa Utamaro, who is recognized as a master of beauty prints.

Feel free to visit Yamada Shoten (Jimbocho, Tokyo) for the work on show.

[New Release] Banzai-Ukiyoe San-en / Kitagawa Utamaro
[Note from the artist]
About Kitagawa Utamaro, from the series “Banzai-Ukiyoe San-en”
-The first work from a series of three ukiyo-e artists drawing Shunga.
-This is Utamaro drawing the Enpon (illustrated erotic book) “Ehon iro no chigusa” at about the age of 45.
-The face is respectfully based on his handsome portrait which was done ‘motome ni ojite (by request)’ in his work “the Storehouse of Loyal Retainers, Act 11.”
-I referred to and was inspired by the following: the portrait for the narrow face and eyes; the preface from the Enpon for the background; the dragonfly and poppies from “Ehon mushi erami (Picture Book: Selected Insects) for the kimono; the kiwame-in (seals) and crest of Tsutaya Juzaburo for the under-kimono.
-I hope you can feel the richness of woodblock from the background.